Working with Chinese social work students: Useful concepts and support strategies


  • Jinling Lin The University of Auckland
  • Cherie Appleton The University of Auckland


Chinese students, Social work practice, Field work education, Self-support group


Preparation of students for their first field placement in social work is a complex task and is potentially daunting for students. Chinese social work students raised outside New Zealand face additional challenges. Two key areas of challenge are understanding nuanced social expectations and expressions, and making sense of context.

This article draws on academic and practice knowledge, a recent thesis, and several years of experience working with Chinese students as university field education coordinators to address these challenges. We examine our current understandings and share responses crafted to support Chinese students, especially those newly arrived to New Zealand. We offer a specific strategy that involves setting up a self-support group to assist Chinese social work students to achieve their placement learning goals. By sharing this practice reflection we invite readers to consider the additional learning needs that Chinese students face and encourage further enquiry into opportunities that may be crafted in response.


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