Strengthening Student Engagement and Empowering Teachers to Manage Classroom Behaviour Using Social Work Approaches: A Cambodian Experience


  • Zoey Henley Children’s Future International, PO Box 387, Battambang Post office, Battambang 02360, Cambodia


Education, Cambodia, Positive-behaviour, Johari-window, Strength-based, Empowerment


This article discusses the development and initial implementation of a positive behaviour management system in Children’s Future International (CFI), an NGO in Cambodia. In 2019 the staff at CFI implemented a new positive behaviour system utilising strength-based approaches and a decision-making framework premised on the Johari-window. This article describes how the system was developed and implemented taking an action research approach. The Johari-window decision making empowered staff, while the strength-based approach supported student engagement.  By implementing this approach teachers felt confident to act when needed. Initial findings indicate that staff and students positively engaged with the system resulting in positive behaviour change.