Migrant Muslim Women’s Experiences of Coping and Building Resilience in Australia: Implications for Social Work


  • Suhada Maideen UniSA
  • Dr. Kalpana Goel UniSa


Coping and resilience, Migrants, Muslim women, Feminist, Intersectionality


This research used an intersectional feminist approach to explore migrant Muslim women’s experiences of coping and resilience-building in settling in Australia. Using qualitative descriptive methodology, focus group and semi-structured interviews were conducted with ten migrant Muslim women in Adelaide, Australia. The findings revealed both complexities emanating from being Muslim and migrant impacting profoundly in the early phases of settlement, and support and assistance received from the formal and informal systems in their journey helping them to cope and become resilient. Findings offer insights to social work and health professionals and researchers into the intersections of race, religion, gender and migrant status in shaping Muslim women’s experiences in post-settlement and strategies to build their resilience.